How About The Loaded Longboards Tan Tien?

If you’re a long time longboarder, you might want to try the loaded longboards tan tien. It’s a new and much aggressive ride type of loaded longboard versus the dervish. It’s amazing and made for determined spirits. So what is so special with the tan tien and why is it such an awesome challenge? See my observations below.

The Loaded Longboards Tan Tien Form

The look is amazing. When I got a hold of it, I was really excited. The grip tape is much grippier. It is a stick-on grip tape type and not the spray on which could easily fade. The grip tape only made it more effective in sliding and enforcing tricks. The concave is a little more than that of a dervish concave that makes falling out a little less possible.

The graphics at the bottom is brilliant. Its one crazy product and I love it. It has a slight upward bend on the nose that’s really good for tail kicks. It is usually made of fibreglass and epoxy with a bamboo core. This one is a lot stiffer than that of a dervish. The entire board is 39in in length, 8.75in wide, 27in wheelbase (inner hole) and weighs 3.2 kg (deck only).

The Awesome Tricks To Do With It

Since the grip is a bit adhesive, this board became easier with experimenting new tricks and Shovits or manuals. There are a few trick names that I have seen, like Womping and Curb Stomping, Freestyle Shesh, Claw and Around Town. First try to check how awesome it is to do the Shovit in it.

Performance Of A Loaded Longboards Tan Tien

The tan tien is much better than all the other loaded longboards because it does well in performing a nice cruise, carve and downhill, best at banks and bowls, and freestyle which are pretty much modern in longboarding. I noted a thing common to both dervish and tan tien – that is the wobble. At an increased speed, the board becomes wobbly which could therefore lead to falling or injuries. It supports well when using a decent speed. The board is awesome in a way that it is more responsive to your driving than other boards.


Is The Price Right?

loaded1The tan tien board costs almost the same with a dervish, ranging from $300.00 to $350.00. I can say that it’s a much more reasonable price compared to the dervish. I say it basing on the power and drive that the loaded longboards tan tien represent. The dervish is more matching with beginners whilst the tan tien appeals to experienced longboarders. The construction serves a better and wider purpose. And the tricks to do with it are basically limitless. Designed to take on aggressive riding styles and inspire fearless new tricks.

If you’re into street skating but want to experiment on new tricks, this board is a good choice for it. Whatever you can think of, this board can take it. It is special because it’s like an all purpose flour or all purpose cream, it is there to be served with anything. Challenging, modern and functional are three adjectives that best describe a loaded longboards tan tien.