How To Get Loaded Longboards Cheap

I will try to demonstrate here that anyone can have loaded longboards cheap. I’ll do this because not many of us can afford loaded longboards and get it at a very cheap price (say half the usual price of $300 to $350). I hope my verification can help those looking to get a loaded board. This is going to get really tricky.

Getting A Loaded Longboards Cheap

I practically noticed that all the boards on sale are either previously used or that has a tiny bit damage in it. So I figured you can’t really buy a cheap loaded longboard straight out. However, we can try buying parts bit by bit. In that way, we divide the total costs over a period of time. Doing so will not only get us a good solid loaded longboard in the end, it will also be as great as getting a loaded longboard outright when finally completing a loaded longboard.

When Trying Out Homemade Longboards

Homemade longboards will be cheaper. All you need is a good idea to start from on how it will be used. If you have a design on mind already, what needs to be done next is finding a great deal of raw materials. Get a board first. Plywood is a good idea. But finding a cheap durable plywood is another thing. Get the cheapest stuff available but test it and experiment.

Try to bend the plywood if it’s bendable. Flexible wood is what you need most. Try check out a tutorial on how to make a homemade board. Add in wheels and grip tapes then you’re good to go. Make sure that you build something that has the deck characteristics, stance, felixibility and shape that you like.

Safety With Loaded Longboards Cheap

One thing that , as a longboarder (or a skateboarder generally speaking) will be concerned about is how well it will ride and how firm the wheels will be. How safe is it really to use a cheap longboard? If it’s a loaded longboard cheap that you got on sale, it will be pretty safe and still functional. However, if it’s a cheap homemade longboard, make sure you got it from someone you know well. I don’t want to be ripped off on something cheap. Basically, we want to get more of what we pay for.

Where To Get On-Sale Boards

lWe have a very wide variety of sites to check out when trying to find a cheap loaded longboard. You can check out thrift sites for previously owned boards. We have to be very careful though, make sure that we get authentic loaded boards. Surprisingly, we can also check out youtube videos. Yes, you heard it right. There are millions of longboarding videos on the YouTube.

Note that some these people sometime get tired of their loaded boards and wants to try a new gig. They can seriously post which boards they are selling. Last up will be the official loaded longboard site. Who knows when the loaded carving system would get their stuff sold at a percentage off the price? So it will be good to check out their site time to time.

Saving some cash for the rainy days do go a long way when it’s finally needed.  Saving some on getting longboards cheap is always a good effort not to be wasted. So when buying loaded longboards cheap, just make sure it’s great at not compromising it’s functionality and style.