Practice: The Key To Using Loaded Longboards

Longboarding is much more fun with loaded longboards. I came across longboarding when I saw some skaterboys use a much sleeker and longer board one day at the mall. Although the tricks they displayed were remarkable, the techniques were not to be taken lightly. Below are some particulars I learned about loaded longboards and some of my experiences in giving longboards a try.

Which Loaded Longboard Should You Prefer?

It all depends on how you plan to use it and the different general specs should guide you. Loaded Longboards are usually made of plywood or bamboo. Unlike Skateboarding, they are usually much longer (30 to 55in) and wider (8 to 10in). The shapes and the flexibility could vary for each board style. I, personally, prefer the Pintail shape. It makes me feel like I’m really surfing on land. I think it’s a good board for just cruising and sliding. There’s a wide variety of graphics to choose from. You may also want to add a customized grip on it. Mine is a dead tree. I only started using it. It’s a very good board to use to start longboarding.

The Tricks Of The Boards

Here are some tricks for beginners and professionals alike. Walk the Plank, Chop The Log, Lawn Mower, The Look Back, Big Spin, Shanker, Cross  Step and Ghost Ride Kick flip. There are more tricks and variations that you can find on the net. I am pretty sure you can find one to your liking. And like skateboarding, you know what they say, Practice makes perfect. You’d need to invest time, sweat and tears to be able to execute one nicely.

Get Comfy With Loaded Longboards

We know that Longboarding is actually very similar with skateboarding. It’s the tricks and the longer board that makes the sport, trickier. It is fun and even relaxing for some. Basically, I only use my Pintail for transportation and cruising around town.  Because I prefer to be safe while riding it, I made sure the deck could hold my weight and that the wheels are properly secure. Loaded longboards provide that.

I don’t want to be in a terrible longboarding accident, do I? My safety should be first and so should everyone else’s. Check the variety of loaded longboards and how the board best work. Know the flexibility and intensity of a concave. Know your goal so you get what you paid for.

Practice And Have Fun

Dervish-Sama-completeThough this is also an extreme sport, longboarding is not fun. When you’re into longboarding, you got to be in it to perfect it. But you have to be very careful to not ever have injuries. First, it’s costly to get injured.  And second, you can’t enjoy longboarding when you’re injured (Obviously). I do longboarding some idle time because I love the rush it gives me. I mentioned I like it for cruising and sliding, but I still need to learn how to dance and do freestyle tricks on it. I tried to practice The Look Back and guess what? I, can definitely say, am an expert on it.

Overall, longboarding is definitely worth the while. It’s useful, fun and exciting. Practice makes perfect and loaded longboards make practicing safe and fun.