Try The Loaded Longboards Dervish Sama

Whether you’re a beginner or already a skateboarder, the loaded longboards dervish sama is a must have for you. It is a must try because it is one of the most popular loaded longboards, ever. It is best loved by professionals yet too steady which also makes it best for beginners. It’s a really good investment because it’s good for both doing tricks, cruising and anything else.

The Loaded Longboards Dervish Sama Specs

It is a long board so the length is about 42.8 in long, 9 in wide, 31.5 in wheel base and is 3.4 kg in weight (deck only). It is usually made out of fibreglass and epoxy but because it is a dervish sama; it has a bamboo core.  It is an update of its predecessor the loaded dervish. A little bit thin but absolutely durable. It has a mild and little bit more concave than the dervish on the top of the board. It helps to lock your foot and prevent slipping.

It has a good small nose where you can use the area to kick flip or shovits. It has a nice convex on the nose and tail much better than the dervish. It has orangutan wheels about 75mm which is really good. It keeps the board really grounded. The grip tape is not all slidey but you may want to change or add a customized one. It has a really good flex range you can choose from depending on the weight (Flex 1 to 3).


It is incredibly fun to dance, cruise, carve and do freestyle with. However, I don’t recommend it for downhill and sliding. The board though creates speed wobble when speed is increased so if you’re a beginner, start on a stiffer board. The board is best for dancing. Its name dervish was derived from the whirling dance by Muslim ascetic orders. The more practice you give to the dancing, the easier it is to control and dance at.

The Loaded Longboards Dervish Price

It’s roughly priced from $300 to $350. I know it costs a lot but don’t be discouraged. It is indeed, a brilliant investment when you start on longboarding. And it is great to do just about anything. If you can find cheaper longboards, I will not discourage you from doing that. But do note, the dervish sama is at the top of the list of preferred longboards.

What Tricks Can We Do With It?

Durian-BlueCore-smallwebThe most popular trick to do with a dervish is the whirling dervish. I have heard of the dervish sama swirling. Carving goes smoothly with the dervish board. Basically, other tricks like 180’s and aerial kickflips are good in this too. I like doing the Spin Big with it and follow up with a 360. Try out the cross step, followed by spin big, I think I am loving that one too. These tricks are a lot less complicated than the swirling dervish and therefore, easier for beginners to try.

When I got the loaded dervish, I felt satisfied and happy that I chose it. Not only is it very useful, it is also great to ride with. From the information I mentioned, I strongly suggest that beginners choose the loaded longboards dervish sama more than anything else.